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Coalición para los Derechos de Inmigrantes de la Costa Central


Llame para Reportar la Presencia de la Migra - 24/7 - Call to Report the Presence of ICE

(805) 870-8855

What Should I do IF Someone Is Detained


What Should you do if someone is detained?

  • Call (805) 870-8855 to report the presence of ICE.
  • Take and send photos to confirm if it really is ICE to (805) 870-8855.
  • Take note of the following information: 1) Name of person detained 2) The (A#) of 8 or 9 digits 3) Date of Birth 4) Place of Birth 5) Ask if the person has been deported before.


Find the Person detained:

If Detained by Immigration: ttp://locator.ice.gov


Solicit Legal Help:

Call the Immigrant Legal Defense Center to seek legal help from their network of pro-bono lawyers.

(805) 886-9136

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