Mr. Shiraef's Physical Science Class

8th Grade Physical Science Course Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. John Shiraef

Parents, Guardians, and Students,
Our goal this year is to prepare your student for the 9th grade using the best science classroom experience possible. This document serves as a guide for you and your student to be successful in our science classroom so please read it carefully and in its entirety.
A link to a copy of this syllabus will be posted on the classroom webpage for you to access at anytime.
Classroom textbook (provided by school): Interactive Science: Physical Science 16th Custom Edition ISBN 13: 9781323240601 Online textbooks are available in the "Important Links" Section of the class website.
Communication:Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have by email or by a note sent with your student.You may also contact the front office to leave a message for us or to schedule an appointment to meet with us during our planning period during the end of the day Mon. through Thursday. We would love to meet and talk with you! You are your student’s greatest ally and advocate in the learning process.
Thank you for the opportunity to be your student’s science teachers this year!
SCHOOL WEBSITE: WEBSITE: class website is where we will post up-to-date class information, various class-related documents, as well as videos related to our content for review. You will find important school-wide announcements on the school website. Please contact the front office for online access to your grades in infinite campus and check them regularly.
The curriculum for 8th grade physical science will be driven by the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Students and parents may access these standards at A link to these standards will be provided on the class website along with a link to the guide for parents and students that you can use to prepare together for the Georgia Milestones End of Grade assessment--the most important test your student will take at the end of the year. Students will be taking a pre-test the first week of the course to identify areas of growth and progress throughout the year. Science Topics to be covered this year (units of study):
First Semester:MatterEnergy Force and Motion (Part One)Second Semester:Force and Motion (Part Two)Electricity and MagnetismWaves
Student responsibilities:
WARM-UPS: Students will generally begin each class period by answering a series of questions in their science notebooks regarding the previous lesson and in preparation for the upcoming lesson. Students will be expected to come in quietly, sit down, and to complete the warm-up within the first 5-10 minutes of class. All students are expected to complete the warm-up and It is the responsibility of the student to complete their warm-up for any days they are absent from class. These will be graded at the end of each quarter.
HOMEWORK: Students will have graded homework assignments each week that are due by the beginning of class on Wednesday and Frida. SCIENCE NOTEBOOKS: Each student is required to maintain a dedicated science notebook. It will consist of a 3-ring binder with dividers. Students will keep and maintain these notebooks in the classroom and will not take them home during the week. These notebooks will serve as a review guide for assessments (tests) and will be graded quarterly as a test grade. Students will be required to maintain their notebooks according to the guidelines established in class during the first week. They will need to keep a pencil pouch with pencils pens and erasers in the binder. If you are having trouble obtaining these items please let us know.QUIZZES: Graded weekly quizzes will generally be given on Fridays and will cover material from that week and will also include data-driven questions based on concepts that need additional coverage. Students will also have regular, daily formative assessments during the week.TESTS: Graded Unit tests will be given at the conclusion of each unit of study (5 total) along with one big one at the end of the first semester. These tests will be designed to reflect the types of questions that students will encounter on the Georgia Milestones test which comes at the end of the year.
EXPECTATIONS: Each student must come to class prepared to participate with the following materials:Pen pencil paper. (Note all these can be stored in their notebooks within the classroom.)
Being Prepared for Class:Students should bring the following supplies by the end of the first week and keep them stored in their binders:● ½ inch binder● 5 divider tabs (Warm-ups/Labs/Quizzes/Classwork/Homework)● 3 hole pencil pouch ● College ruled paper (50 sheets per semester)
CALCULATING COURSE GRADES: A 90-100B 80-89C 76-79D 70-75F 0-69Daily Participation 10%Quizzes/Labs 20%Classwork/Homework 30%Tests 40%
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Each student is responsible for their own work. The following will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action:• Direct copying of in-class work, assigned homework, tests, quizzes • Copying from any print or internet source without a proper citation. • Allowing another student to copy your work.
EXTRA CREDIT/MISSED ASSIGNMENTS: Students that miss an assignment or assessment due to a documented family emergency or with a doctor’s note may make up the assignment the following week, if scheduled with the instructor. It is the responsibility of the student to identify any missed assignments and to schedule the make-up with one of the instructors.Assignments missed without a valid documented excuse may be made up by the student if scheduled with the instructor. Each school day from the date the assignment or assessment was due will result in a loss of 5 points per day.Extra-credit opportunities will be provided for students who choose to help others and perform duties above and beyond normal minimum classroom responsibilities. Bonus questions will also occasionally be provided on tests and quizzes.