Middle School

Guidance Department

Guidance Department Counseling Staff

Mrs. Jennifer Sabatino, Middle School Counselor


315-626-3319 ext. 1216

Mrs. Jennifer Cardinale, Guidance Teacher's Assistant


Help your child join a Middle School Club

Yearbook Club, Ecology Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, and Sports Clubs are available at the Middle School. We keep updated club pamphlets available in the Main Office.

As a parent you can encourage your child to try attending a club after school from 2:15-3:20. Students who have lost a friend to a move or who are not currently satisfied with their friendships may connect with students in other grade levels who share their interests while attending a club meeting. Belonging to a club can make your middle school student feel less isolated and can give them a sense of belonging. There is little to no risk involved in attending a meeting- Students can listen to the morning announcements and find out where and when a club is meeting and simply show up to the meeting. They can simply “drop in” and attend a club meeting whenever they would like to. They do not need to attend each and every meeting.

New Student Club

New Student Club is up and running every Monday during sixth period. We talk about developing new friendships, keeping old friendships, and getting acclimated to a new school environment. Our group is made up of brand new students and students who have returned to us. They are really enjoying getting to know one another.

Chess Club

Chess Club will be meeting every Tuesday in the Middle School Library. We welcome both experienced and inexperienced players. If any student is interested in trying Chess Club, he/she just has to put their name on the weekly sign-up sheet outside Mrs. Sabatino’s office. This year we will have some tournaments, play some computer chess and invite teachers to play us at the game.

We are in need of a lot of new players. We lost a lot of players as they moved up to the high school.

5th Grade Girl’s Group

This club will start in the beginning of September. Permission slips will be distributed to all of the fifth grade teachers. The first twelve girls who turn in their permission slips will be welcomed. We talk about communication skills and managing friendships. We also do a lot of crafts during our time together.

Banana Splits Group

This is support group to help students who are adjusting to feelings related to a separation or divorce. It can be very therapeutic to hear and see other students who are having similar life experiences. This group runs for 8 weeks during the holiday season, from November to January.