Health Education

My name is Ms. Cappellano . I teach middle school health grades 6 and 7, and high school health grades 10-12. I also teach an elective course called Bones, Bodies and Bandages at the high school(offered in the Spring) for students who are interested in pursuing a career in a health related field and a Human Sexuality course elective.

In my spare time, I coach Modified and Varsity Cross Country.

Health Happenings for the Month of September.

September 20,2018 HS Health filed trip Let's not meet by Accident sponsored by University Hospital - A Driver Safety and Accident Prevention program that focuses on making responsible decisions. The trip is free and we complete a project based activity from the learning experience.

A goal of mine this year is to teach strategies to help students deal with stress and develop self- management techniques.

A guest speaker from Kristin Onderkirk MSW Community Educator from Epilepsy.-Pralid is planned

The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil