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In keeping with the virtues of our Catholic faith, we are called to know every student, to inspire them to follow the example of Jesus, and empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to live purposeful, meaningful lives.

Our Priorities and Our Goals

Our Students

  • To understand and know each student, in order to better promote their intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being
  • To guide and direct our students towards the pathways that work best for them, while helping them establish goals that are consistent with their individual aspirations
  • To focus on the success of our most vulnerable, by creating positive, welcoming, safe learning environments where every child can achieve success

Our Faith

  • To create an atmosphere that nurtures the faith journey of all our students and encourages them to put into practice the virtues inherent in our faith
  • To foster mutual respect for other beliefs while remaining true to our core Catholic principles and values
  • To seek out creative ways of strengthening connections between faith and academics through curriculum

Our Innovative Programs

  • To create a culture of innovation that embraces the realities of a rapidly changing world
  • To expose students to experiential learning that is related to exciting career paths in a variety of sectors, while being ever mindful of the potential for expansion into promising new areas that provide even greater opportunities for our students
  • To further the use of advanced technology in our schools, constantly seeking new methods to enhance student learning

Our Resources

  • To be prudent, wise and responsible stewards of our resources
  • To focus our resources on providing outstanding learning experiences for our students, while exploring and cultivating new community partnerships that can lead to exciting new learning opportunities
  • To ensure that the priorities identified in the multi-year strategic plan shape the board's budget and strategically direct our resources to support evidence-based student achievement initiatives

Our Team

  • To provide meaningful professional development for everyone on our team
  • To encourage all our employees, our ratepayers, and the broader Catholic community to commit to the faith formation and achievement of our students
  • To foster a culture where we celebrate the success of our staff and students by recognizing their achievements

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