Sports Carnivals

Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country and Surf Carnivals

Throughout the year St Brigid’s students participate in many school and inter-school sporting carnivals. In first term our students from Grade Three to Six participate in a school swimming and water safety program, including a carnival, while our Early Childhood students are provided school swimming lessons held over two weeks locally. Our school cross country is held in Term Two where the students from Kindergarten to Grade Six all compete in a fun and authentic cross country course through the local river track. In Term Four, all our students participate in a range of events for our annual athletics carnival. There are a number of track and field events ran throughout the day, this encourages participation and cooperation among our school community. Selected students are offered to also participate in inter-school cross country, athletics and swimming and compete against other students from schools across the north-west coast. Our school also provides opportunity for our students to participate in a Surf Carnival at Boat Harbour Beach for students in Grade Three to Six.

Cross Country 2019

Please see the following URL for the program of events:

SBW Cross Country Program of Events 2019