Social-Emotional Support

Does your child require additional Social-Emotional support? Please contact Erin Robotham:

At St Brigid’s we value effective social and emotional learning outcomes. We offer a range of programs to assist our students to learn the skills they need to build confidence, resilience, friendships and positive and effective thinking habits. Applying their knowledge and understanding their emotions creates an environment where children thrive.

Programs include:

Peaceful Kids

Is an evidence based mindfulness and positive psychology program to lessen anxiety and stress an increase resilience in children


Designed for girls and boys in upper primary CHICS and CHAPS programs use a variety of fun and challenging activities and related discussion through which participants explore issues including identity, self worth, friendship, decision making and goal setting


Is a program for children who have experienced a life altering loss or crisis such as death, divorce or separation. Rainbows helps children to understand their feelings and begin to move forward in their life

Buddy Program

Is designed to provide support between junior and senior students by creating a friendly and caring school community. The Buddy Program encourages children to feel safe, valued and connected to the school community.