Our School

History and Tradition

In 1923, five sisters from the religious order, the Daughters of our Lady of the Sacred Heart arrived in the important seaport town of Wynyard to establish the Wynyard community and to teach at the new school, St Brigid’s. They were met at the Wynyard Railway Station by the Parish Priest Father Patrick Fanning MSC.

An historical day for Wynyard was the laying of the foundation stone of the convent and the school, dedicated to St Brigid, on the site of the old Catholic Church, by Archbishop Barry, on 16th October 1922. Rain steadily poured down as Father Patrick Fanning, MSC disclosed that the building program would cost £1891. The provincial of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Father Ryan, was pleased to hear that £580 was already in hand as he was at the ceremony.

Enrolment Information

Why St Brigid's Catholic School?

Making a decision on what is the best educational setting for your child is one of the most important decisions we make as parents. Like each child, no two schools are the same.

At St Brigid’s, we have many strong points of difference as a Catholic school:

  • Limited spaces are available to families who support our Catholic ethos; we are a community built on love, service, compassion, hospitality and welcome.
  • We pursue individual excellence in all we do; this includes striving for our personal best, being creative, visionary, innovative and extending our capabilities.
  • At St Brigid’s we possess a strong sense of support for every individual, pastoral care and understanding that every person is unique; we have one class per grade, enabling our professional staff to closely monitor the academic progress and developmental needs of each and every student.
  • The development of leadership and interpersonal skills; all members of our school community are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate confident, yet humble leadership and to make a difference.
  • We provide holistic experiences for our children; the variety of age-appropriate approaches available to our students allow for high levels of student engagement, particularly in the fields of Sport and Recreation, The Arts, Digital Technology and leadership opportunities.

School Policies

Please find the following school policies for your reference.

Our Staff

St Brigid's is very fortunate to have such a well-qualified, committed, dedicated and energetic team.

Social and Emotional Support

At St Brigid’s we value effective social and emotional learning outcomes. We offer a range of programs to assist our students to learn the skills they need to build confidence, resilience, friendships and positive and effective thinking habits. Applying their knowledge and understanding their emotions creates an environment where children thrive.

Volunteering at St Brigids's Catholic School

Strong partnerships between the community and our families exist. Volunteers, particularly family members, are encouraged to be involved in our school. To make a contribution, all volunteers are required to possess a Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) card. For more information.

Positive Behaviour Support

Our Positive Behaviour Support Policy is founded on the following principles:

Social Justice

Empathy and Understanding

Upholding the Dignity of Every Person

Respect for All

Our vision at St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School is to help students by creating supportive learning environments. Our educational community seeks to provide a system that will support students’ efforts to manage their own behaviour and promote academic achievement. An effective behaviour support system is a proactive, positive, skill-building approach to the teaching and learning of successful student behaviour. Positive behaviour support (PBS) systems ensure effective strategies that promote prosocial behaviour and respectful learning environments. Research-based positive behaviour support systems are appropriate for all students, regardless of age.