Student Leadership

We ensure that our students, whether in an official leadership position or not, develop their leadership skills through a variety of opportunities. We have a student Representative Council consisting of two student leaders from each class who come together weekly for a brief meeting and a for more in-depth meeting once per fortnight. Further areas for leadership development and participation include assisting with “Mini Vinnies” (a student social outreach project), rostering on students to assist with breakfast club daily, house-team leaders, Reading Ambassadors selected throughout the Premier’s Reading Challenge, Daily PE leaders, working with buddy classes, classroom assigned roles and more.

Student Representative Council

The role of elected SRC members from Prep ‐ Grade Six at St Brigid’s Catholic School is to promote the views of students and to encourage students to become actively involved in their school. Being an SRC member is an important and responsible role in the school. It is an opportunity for leadership, and teaches skills that allow the students to become competent in leadership. Students are able to have a say in what is important to them at school, what is working well, what needs improvement and what we could change. The SRC also provides activities and special events for children to enjoy, as well as raising money for a particular nominated charity or school resource.

Representatives have an opportunity to solve problems, debate issues, make decisions and put plans into action when possible and practical.

Students in Prep to Grade Six elect two class members as Class Captains. Elected students will be in that position for two terms after which another two representatives are elected. These class captains will be given leadership responsibilities within their class. Responsibilities are suited to the age of the students and set by classroom teachers.


The St Vincent de Paul Society was formed so that all of us might live out the Gospel by serving people in need. Frederic Ozanam and his young companions founded the Society in 1833 in Paris, and his “Good works” are continued today worldwide

Primary school members of the Society meet in groups called Mini Vinnies. Students meet together to grow in awareness of the issues faced by people who experience tough times, to reflect upon faith and action, and to do good works to help those in need within their school and local community. The St Brigid’s Mini Vinnies are involved in many works including the St Vincent de Paul’s Christmas Appeal and the Winter Can-drive.

Our Mini Vinnies members are committed to making a difference in the world, to loving and respecting themselves and to reaching out to others in our school and community through friendship and doing good works.