Why Choose St Brigid's ?

Making a decision on what is the best educational setting for your child is one of the most important decisions we make as parents. Like each child, no two schools are the same.

At St Brigid’s, we have many strong points of difference as a Catholic school:

  • Limited spaces are available to families who support our Catholic ethos; we are a community built on love, service, compassion, hospitality and welcome.

  • We pursue individual excellence in all we do; this includes striving for our personal best, being creative, visionary, innovative and extending our capabilities.

  • At St Brigid’s we possess a strong sense of support for every individual, pastoral care and understanding that every person is unique; we have one class per grade, enabling our professional staff to closely monitor the academic progress and developmental needs of each and every student.

  • The development of leadership and interpersonal skills; all members of our school community are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate confident, yet humble leadership and to make a difference.

  • We provide holistic experiences for our children; the variety of age-appropriate approaches available to our students allow for high levels of student engagement, particularly in the fields of Sport and Recreation, The Arts, Digital Technology and leadership opportunities.

All members of our school community are supportive of one-another. We work very closely in partnership with families to provide the best for the children in our care.

It is our mission to ensure students are self-aware, building strong emotional intelligence, relationships and interpersonal skills. We encourage our students to take risks, develop resilience and build self-esteem. Children are provided with experiences that extend them socially and emotionally; we provide small group and individual support for students that require more than what is class related. We strive to support all of our students to take responsibility and positively make a difference in the lives of others.

Our school fosters creativity, curiosity, imagination and exploration. We take brain-based approaches to learning and teaching experiences at our school. This is an important facet of our approach. Our teaching philosophy is built on the work of Prof. John Hattie and experts such as Sir Ken Robinson. Play-based learning is very apparent in our Early Years classrooms and extends into the Primary years. Jesus and the Gospel is at the center of all we do at St Brigid’s.

Did you know at no time in our history have higher percentages of children attended Australian Catholic schools? If you desire what is described for your child, please contact the school’s administration to make an appointment.

Families choose to send their children to St Brigid’s due to:

  • The strong emphasis on the Gospel values of love, compassion, empathy, acceptance, service and hospitality.

  • The size of the school; due to our setting, we have a strong understanding of each individual, their family, strengths, interests and challenges.

  • The strong sense of community and family partnership between the home and school.

  • The emphasis on holistic development; intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. Our school provides outstanding creative and sporting opportunities in addition to the classroom experience.

  • The committed and passionate school staff, its leadership and the collective responsibility to ensure high levels of learning and engagement for all students.

  • The safe and supportive environment at St Brigid’s. The quality of our environment, our school’s spirit, policies and processes ensure that our time can be spent improving the lives of young young people and their families.

No child will be denied a Catholic Education for financial reasons. Through my own experience of being raised by a single mother of three boys I fully appreciate these challenges. Please discuss this matter with me in confidence, if necessary.

We will not compromise on the high quality of our setting. We strive to provide the best experiences for our students, based on the latest age-appropriate, educational approaches.

Should you wish to enrol at St Brigid’s, it would be my pleasure to get to know your family, show you our great school and support you through the application process.

Mr Ben McCulloch

Acting Principal