Our Team

At Bright Stars we maintain 80% of our teaching being Qualified and Registered to provide the highest quality teaching and learning for your child. See our team of friendly professional teachers and support staff at Bright Stars below.

Anna Millar

I’m Anna Millar, my family and I own Bright Stars. Have a look at the bottom of this page to see my family. We bought Bright Stars in 2016. Before that I was a Primary School Teacher working with all year levels. I am also a qualified ‘Reading Recovery’ teacher. I have 2 children Cole (4) and Rosie (2). I enjoy spending time with my family especially at the beach and in my spare time I like to sew.

Inano Lotulelei

My name is Inano Lotulelei, I have my Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Teaching. I have been teaching all ages for nine years and have enjoyed learning different skills and strategies to support children’s learning and to provide activities that are challenging about also fun and stimulating for all ages.

I have three boys, who love the outdoors and playing sports. As a family we like to do things together such as; road trips, going to the beach, spending time with family and friends and watching sports and movies.

Vivien Lin

Hello, Nihao你好. My name is Vivien Lin and I come from China. My families and I have been in New Zealand since 2010 and we are currently living at Mt Roskill. When I have some free time, I enjoy singing and I like to listen to soft piano music.

I believe every child is a unique human being, who needs respect, care and education in a positive and inviting environment. I value the multi-cultural characteristics that we have in New Zealand and I think it is essential for us, as the educators, to form a respectful and reciprocal relationship with the children, families (whanau) and the community.

Debora Wong

Kia Ora, I am from Brazil and I have lived in Auckland for more than 10 years. I have a bachelor of teaching (early childhood education) with Unitec. I'm married and we have a lovely son. I believe that every child is different and has the potential to bring something unique and special. I have travelled to many countries where I taught and cared for children of different nationalities. I believe that each child has the right to quality care and education, irrespective of race and gender. I value sustainability practices such as recycling processes and growing vegetables. These practices encourage children to care and nurture our land (manaaki whenua) and to learn to protect our natural environment early in life.

Karman Ou

Kia ora, ko Karman Ou toku ingnoa.

Hello, my name is Karman Ou. I started my teaching career in 2010, and I graduated my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in 2013.

I am a dedicated early childhood teacher, passionate about contributing to the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of young children. I look forward to forming strong learning partnerships that will motivate tamariki to have a passion for learning.

Hazel Shepherd

I live in Sandringham and have one daughter called Lucy. I am trained as a primary school teacher but I now prefer to work in early childhood. My passion is literacy and I love to read books with the children. My personal interests are sailing, walking and travelling. I am passionate about the wonderful learnings that each child achieves in our centre.

Suzy Anderson

Kia ora parents and whanau,

My name is Suzy Anderson and I am the new teacher in the Mokamoka room. I have a wonderful 5 year old son Charlie who has just started school. We love spending our weekends traveling and exploring new playgrounds. I can’t wait to get to know all the children at Bright Stars and create exciting experiences to help our tamariki learn through play.

Hong Lo

Hi, I’m Hong, I live in Ellerslie with my husband and 2 grown up daughters. I have been working at Bright Stars for 8 years and I cook morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the children and babies. On the weekends I like to jog and go for hikes to enjoy New Zealand’s beautiful scenery.

Bright Stars is a family owned business. Here is the family.

Anna and Cullum with their two children, Cole and Rosie.

Rob and Margaret, Anna's Mum and Dad. And Craig, Anna's brother.

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