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Fees are payable by the parents/guardians in accordance with the current fees schedule. The fees schedule will be provided to parents/guardians prior to enrolment and when any change is made to the fee schedule. The fees schedule has been calculated assuming the child enrolled is eligible for New Zealand Ministry of Education funding. If a child’s enrolment is not eligible for Ministry of Education funding a separate quote will be provided.

Fees are reviewed annually and may be changed by Bright Stars at any time with one month’s notice in writing to parents/guardians.

Fees are to be paid two (2) weeks in advance. Failure to keep fees up to date may result in a child’s enrolment being forfeited and 10% penalty charge on the unpaid amount will be added onto the next statement.

If fees remain unpaid after 4 weeks, the enrolment to the centre will be terminated immediately by notice to the parents/guardians. Collection of any outstanding fees may be given to a Debt Collection Agency, for which the parent/guardian is responsible for any associated costs incurred.

Free morning or afternoon sessions are provided under the government subsidy to a maximum of 20 hours per week. Free sessions only apply for 3 to 5 year old children. Free sessions are offered for enrolment to either morning or afternoon sessions but not both at the same time for the same child.

A bond of $100.00 per child is charged on the confirmation of your child’s enrolment, this secures their space and will be returned when the child’s enrolment is terminated or the child leaves Bright Stars and all outstanding fees have been paid.

All booked hours are charged whether they are used or not.

Once a child is enrolled they are allocated the enrolment space until the parents/guardians give two (2) weeks notification in writing that they wish to remove the child from the centre.

Where a Public Holiday falls on a day a child is enrolled, the parent/guardian shall be charged for that day.

Extra hours can be negotiated as long as they are within the Centre attendance structure.

Parents/guardians who receive assistance with their fees from Work and Income NZ (WINZ) should ensure that their subsidy applications for assistance are current as full payment of fees is required regardless of whether assistance is received or not. It is also the parent/guardian’s responsibility to maintain their status with WINZ. Any shortfall of funding from WINZ will be charged to the parents/guardians.

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