Curriculum Delivery

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At Bright Stars we cater to children’s interests and support them to explore different learning experiences so that they can expand their learning in their current interest. We facilitate learning experiences for the children to take the opportunity to learn alongside their peers and to have meaningful conversations during their exploration.

Each child has their own portfolio where learning stories are written and kept. We encourage you and your child to take your portfolio home to enjoy with your family. We are also members of Storypark, a private online communication tool. We believe Storypark is a wonderful service that allows parents and the extended family/whanau to be an active participant in their child's growth and learning. The teachers can answer any questions and show you how Storypark works for everyone.

Our planning is documented by our teaching staff who work alongside children and ensure that all children are receiving one on one care from their ‘Key Carer’. All planning is displayed on our walls and posted on Storypark for all family members to participate and comment of their child’s learning and development.


At Bright Stars we use Storypark to help parents and families relive their child’s important moments and be more involved in their children’s learning. There is no cost to parents to use Storypark. Talk to our teachers to find out how you can sign up.

Busy but don't want to miss out?

See, learn and experience more of your child's day. Do you wonder what your child is doing when you're not there? Storypark allows our teachers to send you updates, photos and videos while they work with your child.

Extend your child's learning

Better understanding your child's learning can help you improve their personal development.

Owned and controlled by you

Parents are the administrators of their child’s account, and the owners of all photos, videos and content.

Feel close when you're far away

Invited family and friends, anywhere in the world, can understand, comment and engage in a child’s learning, helping support their learning and development. Trust us, Nana will love it!

It’s free for families

Anywhere, anytime. Storypark’s cloud-based software means family members can just login and get started anywhere in the world.

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