School Counselor News

Patricia A. Elston, School Counselor


I believe that all students at Catawba Elementary School deserve a chance to be successful throughout their lives.

I want students to grow emotionally, socially, and academically. My hope is for children to become peaceful individuals.

School counselors are an important part of the school family and provide valuable assistance to all students at Catawba Elementary.

Counseling programs are typically built on three elements:

Academic Counseling:

Helping students and their parents acquire knowledge of meaningful and challenging educational opportunities that are available at Catawba and are appropriate for academic, social and personal development.

Career Counseling:

Help to prepare students for life after school by exploring their personal interests, building self-confidence, assisting with career exploration, post secondary education, and/or gaining employment in the work force.

Personal/Social Counseling:

Assist students in developing an understanding of themselves, knowing the rights and needs of others, resolving conflicts, setting personal goals and reflecting on their interests, abilities and aptitudes.

School Counselors provide these services by:

  • Meeting with individual or small groups of students to work out problems and address concerns.
  • Consulting with parents, faculty, staff and community agencies in order to best meet the needs of all students
  • Conducting classroom guidance lessons to provide students with information relevant to their needs and concerns. These lessons could include topics such as study skills, self-esteem building, career exploration, future educational planning, etc.
  • Meeting with small groups of students to meet the needs of a specific population. Such groups may involve students who are dealing with issues such as grief, divorce within the family, friendship difficulties, anger management, etc.

Catawba Elementary school has one full time counselor who is the point of contact when a parent has a concern about special services and needs their child might have. This may include referrals to outside agencies and health related issues.