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How to use Chrome extensions

It is useful to sync your browser with your school Gooogle Workspace account. Benefits include access to a curated browser extension collection in the web store. These are useful especially for support with reading, organisation and other key skills.

Your default home page once synced is the student digital learning hub with quick access to supports for digital learning.

You can access Google Classroom on XBox and PS4. Click on the link here for instructions. With a basic usb keyboard you may find this easier than working on a mobile phone.

Staying well and looking after everyone in our community is what matters most. Go to the wellbeing page for tips to help you stay well and be happy..

A Study Buddy is someone you study alongside with, offering each other support, discussing ideas and working together on collaborative assignments. Your teachers know that students are happier and learn better if they work with others.

If you are absent from school buddy up online with the person you sit beside in each class and with your friends.

Learn practical digital skills at home

Login with your school account and take a course in any of the google tools you use for school work.

These courses use lots of video instruction and activities to help you learn on your own in your own time. Click on the image link here to get started.

Digital Citizenship Pledge

When using digital tools I pledge to do the following:

Respect myself and others: civility • integrity • vigilance

Use the digital tools provided to educate myself and others: collaborate • communicate create • think critically

Protect myself and others: passwords • privacy • copyright

Follow all guidelines outlined in the school AUP: Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Students: The Castletroy College Student Digital Learning Hub is where you can get support with digital learning . It includes links to information, student "how to" guides and video tutorials. It is an important part of our school managed digital learning environment. Use the drop down menus at the top of every page or click on the image links to find supports for working with Google Workspace.

Parents and Guardians: Browse the Parents section of this site for guides to Google Workspace for education. You will also find there advice and information for parents and guardians on supporting their child with digital learning.

The student digital hub will be updated as necessary so visit this page regularly for updates or as you need support.