Merchant Information

Merchant Coordinator

Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon

mka David Kennelley


Phone: 352-494-7888 until 9 pm

Merchant Liaison

Lady Marianna La'Vencentia

mka: Miriam Teresi

Email address:

Phone number: 904-253-0258

Email or text please, no phone calls.

If you are interested in being a merchant at Spring Coronation or in participating in the SCA "garage sale," please fill out this form to let the merchant coordinating team know who will be participating in either or both. Please be aware that if you are planning to be a merchant, there is another form you need to complete; please contact Sir Bryetor (David Kennelley on Facebook) or Lady Marianna (Miriam Teresi, contact info above) for more information.