-Junior School-

Kia ora - Welcome

Kia ora koutou katoa, haere mai ki te kura!

Hello everyone and welcome to CAS Junior School!

We will have lots of great things happening this year in the Junior School. As a team we look forward to meeting, reconnecting and working with you all throughout the year.

Beginning School Information Session

Term 1, Week 6

Tuesday 10 March


For all new parents of Junior School students.

Meet first in the staff room for information and a Q&A session. Find out about how you can help prepare your child for school and what school looks like today. Then you will be given a tour of the school.


Let's hear from our children...

School Hours

At 8.30am once the school bell rings children are able to enter their classroom. Please encourage your child to put away their own book bag, library books and any other belongings when they arrive so they are ready to start the day. Becoming independent and taking responsibility for their belongings is a very important part of their learning. Another bell will go at 8.55am to start the day.

At 3.00pm, please wait outside the classrooms to avoid congestion, teachers will bring the children out to you. Please let us know if any drop off or pick up arrangements change e.g playdates involving children going home with others, or before and after school care arrangements.

If your child arrives after the 8.55am bell in the morning please sign your child in at the office. If your child has an appointment during the day they need to be taken out of school for, please stop by the office to sign them out before leaving.


Please name your child's clothing as many items can go missing. It is important the children bring something warm to wear at playtime and lunchtime, even on cold days we send the children outside for fresh air and to play.

Parents of Year 1 children especially can also assist by helping your child to practice tying their shoe laces and doing up buttons at home. This is really appreciated by us at school and adds to your child's independence.

Lost Property

You can find this located at the main entry to the office area, just inside the door. Please encourage your child to check it regularly.


Wearing a sunhat is COMPULSORY in Term 1 for all children and staff.

Sunhats must be...

  • Bucket hats, legionnaire style or cricket hats (with a wide, full brim) - caps are not acceptable as they don't cover necks!
  • Worn at morning tea & lunchtime breaks - no hat = no play
  • Worn during outside activities - P.E, fitness, learning in the garden, play during class time i.e sandpit, outside courtyard & play areas

School Assemblies

Three times a term the students host a whole school assembly. We all come together for a few songs, a quick summary on the learning that has taken place in each syndicate, some show and tell, awards and certificates are presented (especially any Gold Mathletics certificates) and prizes announced for any child seen displaying our school values.

It is also the time that if your child is new or leaving the school, then our Principal, Kate Christie will present them with a certificate. It is another way for us all to be introduced to any new children. It is rather special and parents are always welcome to attend with their cameras.