Registering for a CASE Institute or BriefCASE

What is the difference between a CASE Institute and BriefCASE?

Our full-year courses are delivered to teachers through CASE Institutes, which are held exclusively in the summer months (May-August), last 5-10 days, and may be presented in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid combination. 

Our 9-week courses are delivered to teachers through a BriefCASE event, which last 1-2 days and can occur anytime of the year. BriefCASEs may be presented in-person or virtually, depending on the course. 

Do I have to start with a specific course?

While CASE does have pathways, there is no required order in which a teacher must become certified. We suggest beginning with AFNR and AgX Middle School. Should you have a significant need in a specific area(like plant science or food science) you're welcome to take those courses first. 

How much does the professional development cost? 

CASE hosts set their fees somewhere between $2,500-$3,500 for Institutes and between $250-$1,000 for BriefCASEs. Many teachers utilize Perkins Funds when applicable. 

All registration costs are published on the case4learning website.

Why do costs differ between hosts?

CASE has quality hosts from coast to coast. Lodging, meals, facilities, and swag vary depending on location and may be reflected in the PD fee.

What do the professional development fees pay for?

Your registration fee includes your permanent access to the curriculum, materials used during the institute, all meals during the Institute, and your lodging (hotel or dorm). 

Travel to and from your Institute location is NOT included.

What payment methods are available?

Credit card payments are highly preferred. POs will be accepted through February 29, 2024. 

If payment is not received by your required date (which will be communicated in your invoice and subsequent follow-ups), your seat will be released to the public. 

Please do not use a PO as a form of securing a spot if you do not intend to attend

If you intend to pay with a credit card, please only register once you are ready to use the credit card. Teachers who secure a spot with a PO and wish to pay with a credit card later will need to cancel their initial registration, which means a place may not be available at your chosen event when re-registering.

Are there grants or scholarships to reduce costs?

Our generous sponsors provide two options for financial support:

Professional Development Scholarship applications open each fall to be used the following summer for an Institute. Scholarships generally cover 50% of total fee. Scholarships may be used for any CASE Institute. 

Implementation Grant applications open each fall for use the following spring for purchasing supplies, equipment, textbooks, and software for CASE implementation.

Where can I access your W9 to set up CASE as a vendor?

Our fiscal management entity is the National Council for Agricultural Education

Make all checks payable to the National Council for Agricultural Education; print the W9 here.

Mail to: 

National Council for Agricultural Education, 

c/o Melissa Rekeweg, 

6060 FFA Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46278

Do I receive a refund if I cancel my registration?

We understand some situations require cancelation. Take a look at our Cancelation Policy

How do I cancel a registration?

Cancelations instructions are included in your confirmation email and all your registrations can be managed on your MyCASE account dashboard.

How many Institutes can I take in a single summer?

As long as the institutes don't overlap, we do not limit your amount of institutes in one summer. If your funding, time frame, and schedule for self-care allow for you to take 2 or more institutes, we look forward to seeing you!