Kyle Whyte (Citizen Potawatomi Nation) leading a discussion at a session about how to seek decolonization of the United States of America in the non-tribal land of Cleveland, 2017

Now is a time for practical imagination where those most affected by the old foundations of our global systems critique them. Now is a time to push for political change. And being thoughtful matters - cognitive agency is political down to our very foundations. That's why so many systems would prefer us to be ignorant.

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer

Pronouns: Any

Work site: Also: Planetary Justice Virtual Community, Earth System Governance Project fellow site, & The Beamer-Schneider Professorship in Ethics (2010-2021)

This website here is for context, context for working relationships.

I prefer to be relatively incognito and don't like easy messages or selling oneself. I love the things that people do as they make sense of their lives out of the mainstream and in ordinary life.

Because becoming a person and growing in community are more basic than philosophy and transcend it, I don't think of myself, really, as a philosopher. I was trained in the humanities & social sciences and use them for communal and personal benefit. Philosophy is a contingent tradition with a time & place.

Academic philosophy tends to ignore the interpersonal dimension of life - knowing by acquaintance - and what personal acquaintance means for moral substance, learning, and the process of becoming thoughtful, liberated people together. Would philosophy feel different if we engaged in it through the depth & accountability of personal relationships?

I'm mainly interested in contributing to the common good by developing awareness of our moral relations. Doing this has a historical dimension, because decolonization is an unfinished process that must be completed for many reasons. It involves environmental advocacy, because the political systems and imperial cultures we have inherited on Earth (all of us) are oppressive and unsustainable, tearing apart the order of life that's been with us since before human history began.

I love to collaborate with my partner, the painter & printmaker Misty Morrison. We also have a kid together. His beautiful name is, Emet Aql.