Computer Lab

This is the computer lab schedule for Aumsville Elementary

I am unable to provide a set computer class for all schools because of the number of children I see each week, I believe I am over 1000 students a week. This year for computer lab we are going to be focused on the Google for Education tools.

  • Kindergarten is working on mouse skills.
  • First and Second grade are learning where the keys are on the keyboards.
  • Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade are getting their usernames and passwords and joining Google classrooms. We will be learning how to add things into Google slides so that we can each create our own slides. After we complete our All about me slides we are going to create a class project of computer vocabulary words to share with the whole class.
Computer lab times 18-19

We have had a great year in computer lab. Due to state testing the students will be going to the Maker Space Room after spring break and getting lessons in art. This year the focus in computer lab was as follows:

  • Kindergarten worked on mouse skills in a variety of websites from More Starfall to They also are learning where the keys are on the keyboard and how to drag and drop answers to activities we are working on.
  • First grade has had an exciting year. They learned where the keys are on the keyboard. They are actually typing in the lab. I am proud of all that they have learned.
  • Second grade has been typing this year as well. They are working on the correct finger placement and are getting better than I ever thought possible. They have also been working with programs that taught problem solving skills and how to answer multiple choice and fill in the blank questions on digital media.
  • Third grade this year will learn how to use all of the tools in Google Slides.
  • Fourth and Fifth grade will be working on a research project and learn how to gather resources and how to site them in their reports.