Department of Scientific Research - DSR


The aim of the Department of Scientific Research (DSR) at Rustaq College of Education is to make sure that the College becomes an important hub of applied knowledge creation and dissemination at the service of the community of the Sultanate of Oman.

Therefore, DSR seeks to bring together people, resources and opportunities so that the researchers among its faculty can continue to develop and excel both locally and internationally. Oman's Ministry of Higher Education supports the mission of DSR through yearly allowances with which the Department can fund small-scale research initiatives. At the same time, DSR welcomes the support and funding provided by other stakeholders willing to invest in specialised theoretical and action research under the auspices of and with the cooperation of the College's researchers.

On the other hand, DSR offers consultancy services to the community, especially to its main target population, namely the education sector, in matters pertaining to English Language teaching, business, IT, and the sciences.

Dr. Saad Sabbar Dahham

Head of DSR