Cary Homeschoolers

Welcome to CHS!

Founded in 2001 as a welcoming, all-inclusive, secular homeschool support group, Cary Homeschoolers, Inc. (CHS) grew rapidly and now has about 200 member families with about 600 students of all ages. Membership is open to all homeschooling families in and around Cary, NC. We do not require or endorse adherence to any particular belief system, educational method, or philosophy.

Our purpose is to help our children develop and maintain social connections with other young people and for parents to get together so they can share ideas about homeschooling and be a source of support and social release. Our members meet for park days, game days, playdates, field trips, and classes to help encourage these relationships.

Members organize activities throughout the year according to their interests that have included:

  • Field Trips (zoos, museums, post office, fire station, Duke Primate Center, Morehead Planetarium, Historic Stagville, etc.)

  • Group Activities (hiking, tabletop games, crafts, book clubs, fruit picking, rock climbing, tennis, etc.)

  • Classes (nature classes, art classes, foreign language lessons, etc.)

  • Co-ops/Clubs (science, history, sewing, cooking, fairy tales, etc.)

  • Community Service (litter cleanup, senior citizen visits, charitable drives, etc.)

  • Parent Information Meetings (curriculum discussions, testing, learning styles, homeschooling special needs children, transcript preparation, college applications, etc.)

  • Parent Social Events (coffee chats, bowling, karaoke, art nights, dinner gatherings, etc.)

Joining CHS

For more information, please email us at

CHS meets weekly for Park Day and is open to non-members.

Note: All official CHS events, including Park Day, are currently cancelled due to the coronavirus.

However, we have virtual meeting and joining options during this time of social distancing, so whether you want to meet us in person or virtually, we have ways to help you join.

To become a member, you and your child must attend either Park Day or the alternate option in person, or use the virtual option while available. The activity host will provide you with more information about CHS and help you register if you decide to join.

Virtual events and private member physical events are available and open to members and prospective families who are interested in joining or learning more about CHS. You can attend as often as you like before deciding whether or not this group is a good fit for you. Our designated host and member parents can answer any questions you may have while your children get to know some CHS kids. If your family is unable to attend any of the Park Day times, please let us know and we will provide you with an alternate option for meeting with us.

Membership Commitment

Our group does not have dues. However, to encourage group participation and to ensure we have a wide range of activities available, each family is obligated to organize or assist with two activities each year, or volunteer for other organizational positions as needed. Activities can be based on almost anything that you or your child find interesting. If you need help with ideas or planning, please contact the board for assistance.

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