Carter's YarD Phonics

Created by teachers for school, for home, for life.

School Closures:

free access until summer 2020

In response to the current challenging situation, we have taken the decision to offer FREE ACCESS to our Augmented Reality phonics resource until summer 2020 in an effort to support parents, carers and schools in helping their children progress in phonics and reading.

Our phonics cards remain available to purchase as usual, however, all images, text and ‘Zap codes’ will, temporarily, be free to view online and also to print at home.

The cards in our resource are separated into three different colour sets: red, orange and green. We suggest that you progress through the different sets in the order above. Click on the tabs on the top of the page (desktop) or select the menu icon (mobile) to reveal each page.

How to use:

  1. Download Zappar for free from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

  1. Allow Zapper to access your device’s camera and hover over the zapcode.

  1. Watch your card come to life.