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Ms. Goldberg's 2020 - 2021 Schedule and Google Classroom Codes

Period 1: AP Language and Composition 8:00 am - 8:33 am

Period 2: English 3 Honors 8:37 am - 9:10 am

Period 3: English 3 9:14 am - 9:47 am

Period 4-8: Planning and Prep

Period 9/10: Senior Seminar 11:42 am - 12:15 pm

Period 11: SAT Prep 12:19 pm - 12:52 pm

Period 12: English 3 12:56 pm - 1:29 pm

Virtual Student Support - 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Virtual Parent Support - 2:15 pm - 2:37 pm

Ms. Goldberg

For the 2020-2021 school year, I am teaching English 3, English 3 Honors, SAT Prep, Senior Seminar, and AP Language and Composition

Why do we study English?

People are dependent upon language both to understand and order their world and to communicate with others. The study of English language and literature promotes these abilities. By developing written and verbal communication skills, students improve their capacity to make meaningful connections with others. Through the study of literature, students gain a better understanding of the values, attitudes, and communication styles of a variety of cultures over approximately 1400 years. These skills are more necessary than ever before, since advances in technology have made a “global village” an increasing reality. Without the skills developed in English, students will be at a serious disadvantage in this international technological community.

What are our course objectives?

Students will explore, understand, analyze, and evaluate a wide breadth of literary periods and styles, while improving their reading, analysis, writing, vocabulary, presentation and grammatical skills. Specifically, students will gain an understanding, awareness, and appreciation of literature as it describes and defines culture, and also how it influences history and literature, analyze literature and how the works of a given period reflect historical events and social conditions, recognize literary devices as they present themselves in the literature, respond to literature through oral and written discussion, exploring how literary devices affect such responses, comprehend and utilize elements of literary criticism, write well-developed essays concerning literature read in class, develop a thesis and write a research paper that synthesizes and cites data, following MLA format, evaluate the credibility of sources, including speakers, texts, and the Internet, evaluate the credibility of a speaker and corresponding media aids and messages, work cooperatively with students in other English courses to make connections between texts, engage in peer revision, and debate issues concerning literature, use technology and other tools to research and deepen their understanding of various course-related concepts, develop critical thinking skills, evaluate academic and career skills such as communication, punctuality, time management, organization, decision making, goal setting, and teamwork and employ these skills at home and in class, read and comprehend literature and nonfiction independently and proficiently, and write for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences over a variety of time periods.

Equality vs equity

Equality is the idea that all students should receive the same treatment, regardless of any individual circumstances. Equity, however, holds that each child should receive the resources and help that he or she needs, even if that help may look different than that offered to another child in the same class. Each student is given assistance to reach his or her individual potential.

About me

I received my BA in Comparative Literature with Honors from Douglass College, followed by a MA in Media Studies and Technology Theory from the New School University in New York City. I completed coursework towards a PhD in Communication at Rutgers University, but did not complete a dissertation. (Yet.) My hobbies include riding horses, spending time with friends, reading, and doing volunteer work in my community. I also routinely attend Comic Conventions where I engage in professional development with like-minded teachers from across the country.

Below is a slideshow of Student-Created Anti-Bullying Art

HIB Canva Slideshow