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Students are introduced to a variety of precisely-stated vocabulary including basic definitions, theorems and postulates and incorporate such vocabulary into problem-solving. Other units include types of geometries, conditional statements, congruence, similarity, parallelism, perpendicularity, graphing, angles, quadrilaterals, triangles, polygons, circles and three- dimensional solids and surfaces. A scientific calculator is required.

Honors Geometry

Geometry Honors is a rigorous program designed to meet the needs of highly self-motivated students who accelerate in mathematics. It is expected that students have the goal of taking Calculus as eleventh or twelfth graders. The honors geometry course introduces students to a more in-depth look at planes, three- dimensional objects and similarity. Emphasis in this course is on, writing, critical-thinking, problem-solving and participation in cooperative activities. A scientific calculator is required.


Algebra II Honors is the second course in the honors level mathematics program. It is designed to meet the needs of the students who have accelerated in mathematics through an in- depth instructional approach. Topics covered in the course include, but are not limited to, functions, solving and graphing linear, polynomial, quadratic and variation equations, lines, slope, matrices, real and imaginary number systems, mathematical modeling, exponents, logarithms and trigonometry. A TI-83+ or better graphing calculator is required.

Geometry Projects

Just a glimpse of the few projects we will be working on during the course of the year!

Top left: Pythagorean Spiral

Top right: Bedroom Renovation- 3D Model

Bottom left: Koch Snowflake

Why do we need to learn MATH?

Time and time again, students will ask, "Why do we need to learn this [math]?" Over the course of the year, you will learn all the many ways that Math is necessary in our daily lives.

About me

  • 12th year teaching, all of which is at CHS

  • Grew up in Carteret! K-5 at Minue, then CMS, and graduated from your very own CHS!

  • Rutgers- BA in Economics and Women’s & Gender Studies

  • NJCU- MA in Teaching & Learning in Urban Schools

  • Rutgers- MA in Math Education

  • Momma of 2 little girls- 2 and 4 year old

Looking forward to helping you all ...

  1. Learn Algebra 2, Geometry, Prob & Stats, or whatever math you need help with

  2. Overcome your math anxiety/phobia/weaknesses

  3. Appreciate the need for strong math skills in your futures


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