Mrs. Dershowitz's Domain 


who Is mrs. Dershowitz?

I was born and raised in Carteret, graduating from Carteret High School in 2003. My college career was spent at Middlesex County College and Kean University. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Arts in Special Education both from Kean. I also have my Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant certification, this just means I have many different tools to help my students learn. 

One thing that you have to learn about me is my superpower is turning coffee into education. You'll see me with at least one cup while at school, possibly two.

I live in town with my husband Jon, our daughter Marcia and our dogs Maggie and Maisie. So you may see me out and about. 

Rules and Procedures. 

First and foremost, I expect each of my students to be respectful of both teachers and all of the students in class. Come to class prepared with your charged chromebook, a notebook and something to write with. 

Please be in class on time and ready to work, there will be time for socialization but the start of class isn't it. 

I am very respectful of any name that a student would like to be addressed as, however, the name must be school appropriate. If you have different pronouns you'd like to us please let me know. Any name change or pronoun changes can be emailed to me or told to me privately