Military Families

at Wchs

Welcome military families!


We hope everyone has stayed safe and healthy with the recent COVID 19 threat. To maintain safe and healthy distancing our School Counselors, and teachers are available through Google Chat, zoom or phone to meet with families.

Who is your counselor? School Counselors serve student groups according to last name:

Students with last name beginning with A-E:

Students with last name beginning with F-K

Students with last name beginning with L-Q:

Students with last name beginning R-Z:

West Carteret Registrar:


  • New to the area? There are changes to the registration process due to COVID-19. Please contact Donald Johnson (Registrar: 252-726-1176 ext. 344335) to obtain more information.

  • Pre-deployment or post-deployment leave coming up? Please contact Donald Johnson (Registrar: 252-726-1176 ext. 344335) regarding needed documentation and the approval process for absences. Documentation is needed prior to the leave dates in order for the days to be considered an excused absence.


  • Access and complete Carteret County Schools Registration Packet:

    • Proof of Residency

    • Birth Certificate

    • Immunization Record

    • Prior School Information

    • Most recent report card

    • Custody papers (if applicable)

  • Contact Donald Johnson (Registrar: 252-726-1176 ext. 344335) if you have any questions with registration.

  • Request Tour of the school

  • Contact Military School Liaison officers if any other concerns arise.

  • Get excited to be a West Carteret Patriot!


  • Notify West Carteret High School registrar Donald Johnson, 252-726-1176 ext. 344335, that your child will be leaving at least two weeks in advance.

  • Request official transcripts

  • Before the child's last day, ensure that you have the following documentation

    • Most current report card

    • Any additional paperwork - this would include medical, IEP, 504, AIG.

  • If you are PCSing overseas, please contact Donald Johnson to coordinate transfer of records

  • Find out the latest date your child can check out of school and still receive full credit

  • Ask if credits can be completed after they leave the school district

  • Request work that your child can do to keep current during the transfer.