Digital Teaching & Learning
High School Resources


The NCEdCloud is a single-sign on that is used by Carteret County Public Schools to allow students to sign-in once and have access to multiple resources (ie. G-Suite, Clever, PowerSchool, Schoolnet, etc.)

School Net

School Net is a site that teachers use to measure learning standards.  The login process is DIFFERENT than when on campus.  Click the image  to the left to watch a video of how to login to this site. 

Connecting Parent to Canvas LMS

This first step to this process, is making sure your child's teacher is using Canvas LMS.  Second, your child will need to generate a pairing code from his/her Canvas Account.  (Instructions for Student to Generate Pairing Code)  Once this is provided the parent will need to follow the instructions in the video to the left to create his/her parent observer account.  CCPS Canvas parent portal address is: 

Flipgrid:  Joining the Grid

This is a great tool that many teachers will use for video interaction with his/her students.  The teacher will post a video and then to facilitate conversation and assessment students will record and post a response video.  This guide will give parents and students quick-click pages of resources for getting started and using Flipgrid.  Happy video on the grid!

Immersive Reader Chrome Extension

The immersive reader chrome extension has been added to all student accounts in Carteret County Public Schools.  This extension allows for students to select any paragraph or portion of text on a website and have the following options:

This is a tool that is used for live interaction between your teacher and classmates.   

Parental guidance and communication with your child is essential to make sure your child is safe online at anytime. 


Screencastify is a Chrome browser extension that can record your screen, face, voice, and more.  These recordings automatically save to your Google Drive and can be easily shared with your teacher.  To use Screencastify: