Virtual Learning Day
Elementary Resources

School Net

School Net is a site that teachers use to measure learning standards. The login process is DIFFERENT than when on campus. Click the image to the left to watch a video of how to login to this site.


The NCEdCloud is a single-sign on that is used by Carteret County Public Schools to allow students to sign-in once and have access to multiple resources (ie. G-Suite, Clever, PowerSchool, Schoolnet, etc.)

  • Open Chrome and go to to get to the NCEdCloud login page.

  • Start this video at 0:30 to be at the correct position

2020 Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

The Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

A special thanks to Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook, for preparing this great guide to the Google Classroom. This will provide parents with a quick overview of the Google Classroom Learning Management System (LMS). This is the primary LMS used in Carteret County Public Schools. You will find classrooms from Kindergarten to High School utilizing Google Classroom.

  • One thing to note is the sign-in process will look different for CCPS' students. CCPS utilizes the NCEdCloud for single-sign on (see video on NCEdCloud on this page)

Seesaw for Parents

Seesaw is a learning management system (LMS) that provides a digital portfolio for your student's work. As a parent, you can stay connected with your child's learning. You can also get realtime notifications about your child's progress and easily interact. Available for iOS, Android, Email, SMS, and all computers.

Add a New Google Classroom to Your Account

This is a simple video tutorial of how to add a Google Classroom to your school account using a join code from your teacher. This is a student targeted video. Parents, please see the "Connecting Parent to Google Classroom" video.

Connecting Parent to Google Classroom

This first step to this process, is making sure your child's teacher is using Google Classroom. Second, your child's teacher will need your email address. Once this is provided to the teacher and the teacher enters it into Google Classroom, you will get an email. You can signup for daily or weekly emails about upcoming work, work that is due, etc.

Google Hangouts Meet

This is a tool that is used for the virtual check-in part of your student's day. Teachers, school counselor, reading specialist, and other school personnel can host a quick chat session or video session with these tools. This is a tool where you need to have a conversation with your child about safety. Make sure students know not to accept invitation from anyone other than his/her teacher to video chat. We have limited the product, but always know that there are loopholes to every setting. Parental guidance and communication with your child is essential to make sure your child is safe online at anytime.


MobyMax: Quick Guide for Home Use

Teachers use MobyMax for students to assess student skills for different curriculum areas. Students can also work in Moby to strengthen skills in many of the curriculum areas including reading, math, and science just to name a few. Parents, even if the teacher hasn't assigned Moby, this can be a great practice exercise for your student.

Immersive Reader Chrome Extension

The immersive reader chrome extension has been added to all student accounts in Carteret County Public Schools. This extension allows for students to select any paragraph or portion of text on a website and have the following options:

  • Read-aloud

  • Background colorization

  • Identification of parts of speech

  • Single-line or multi-line masking to assist in focused reading

  • Context pictures to allow students to have picture definitions

  • Translation of text or words into approximately 58 languages

Flipgrid: Joining the Grid

This is a great tool that many teachers will use for video interaction with his/her students. The teacher will post a video and then to facilitate conversation and assessment students will record and post a response video. This guide will give parents and students quick-click pages of resources for getting started and using Flipgrid. Happy video on the grid!