Ms. Fawn's Art Studio!

March 1st- Remote Learning   Day!

Watts, Simmons, Karcher, Edwards, Martin, Worth

Use these two pictures to create a sketch of your own kokeshi doll. We will be learning all about these and creating a full project using this idea the next time I see you in class!

About Ms. Fawn

This year is Ms. Fawns 8th year at WOES and she loves it! She thinks teaching art is the best job in the world! Outside of school Ms. Fawn enjoys spending time with her daughter, Cecilia (C.C.), who is in First Grade at WOES! They enjoy making art together, and driving on the beach! Ms. Fawn loves reading and doing yoga (Especially Goat Yoga!) She also enjoys spending time with her best friends- having dance parties, doing living room karaoke (we all know there's a reason Ms. Fawn is NOT the music teacher! haha!), and having bonfires! You can find Ms. Fawn outside every morning waving after the kids are dropped off, or in the art studio making art, cleaning up, and snacking on starbursts! 

About Class

Ms. Fawn thinks all children are artists- they may not love every project in class but they will love something! She grades on effort, following directions, and how much they get done in the time they were in class (if they were absent for part of the project, its okay!)