ECHS Library Media Center

Teacher Page

Reserving the Library

To reserve the library for use with your class first check the availability on the SLMC Google calendar. If the day and time that you would like to use is available you may create an appointment or event and add Missy Perritt to the list a guest. The calendar will auto-accept any appointment times that do not conflict and it will be added to the SLMC calendar. If you need to schedule a conflicting time, email Ms. Perritt for consideration.

Testing Center

The Media Center back room will be used as a testing center if you cannot make arrangements through your department. You must sign up using the ECHS Testing Center Google Sheet three school days before your test date to use the testing center and email Ms. Perritt. The first tab of the sheet shows an example of how to schedule a test for your EC or 504 students. Please have your test or test code in Ms. Perritt’s mailbox 24 hours before the testing date. If a student requires read-aloud as a testing accommodation, please have it loaded to the computer and send the student with headphones. For a student to receive their accommodations, you must document the accommodations on the quarter sheet and place them in Ms. Perritt's mailbox. 

Food and Drink Guidelines

The Library Media Center does not allow food, candy, or drinks (except water). It is important to follow the rules of the library as well as to clean up after yourself and dispose of trash properly.

Laptop Levels

Levels help students to understand expectations for Chromebook usage.

Level 1

Laptop should be on, fully open, and ready for work.

Level 2

Laptop should be on and at a 45° angle, waiting for teacher directions.

Level 3

Laptop is fully closed and not needed.