First-time Use

Tips and Tricks for 1 to 1 Student Laptops.pdf

CCPS Tech Services has made a PDF document of Tips, Tricks, and Reminders. Please read through this document prior to turning on your laptop. You can also save or print this PDF for future reference.

For step-by-step directions for first time use, please read below.

Turning on the Laptop:

  • Power on the laptop using the small button on the right edge of the laptop

  • Connect to your home WiFi

  • Log in using your school email ( and password

  • After allowing the desktop screen to load, and open a Chrome browser window to follow the steps below to log into Chrome and Google.

Logging into Chrome

  • From the desktop, open up the Chrome browser (it is a red, yellow, and green circle icon)

  • Once Chrome opens, right click on the user icon (it looks like a sillouette) in the upper right corner.

  • Click "Turn on Sync" to get a login window.

  • Type in the CCPS student email address (

  • You will be prompted to enter your student email and password again

  • You will prompted stay signed in and save the password. Since the laptop is for single student use, click "yes" to both prompts.

  • You will be asked to verify that you are synching the account (click Continue), if you want to link data (click Link Data), and if you want to turn on synch (click Yes, I'm In). Say Yes to all of these options.

  • After completing these steps, you will see two icons with your first inital on them on the upper right side of the screen. The top icon shows you are signed into the Chrome browser and the bottom icon shows you are signed into Google. Signing into both Google Chrome and Google allow extensions and Google Classroom to work together.