his week the k3 class learned about the letter N. We made nests out of our letter N. We also put numbers and newspaper all over it. We ate Nilla wafers and Nutter butters for snack.

This week in K4 we learned all about space!

Feeling thankful, play-doh and Indian corn painting!

Shape week for preschool k4 class & letter I letter fun

This weeks theme was Mother Goose!

The firehouse came for a visit!

K4 class this week theme was 5 senses Letter of the week was F!

Another letter D week!

Washing dishes letter D!

Taking care of our dogs !

Our Emotions theme of the week Silly faces!

Hunting for dimes letter D!

Letter D and Down on the farm week.

Practicing using scissors as we learn the story of baby Moses!

Coloring our cow for farm week!

Playing with Dogs!

Washing Dishes!

Digging for Dimes!

Counting with Dog erasers!

Our theme this week was the season of Fall!

Painting leaves with marbles!

Making the inside of a pumpkin!

Matching shapes!

Balloon Fun!

Bowling Fun!

Building with blocks!

Playing vehicle bingo in a center!

This week was Apple week and playing in centers!

All about me week!