Schedules will be sent out the week of June 3rd as follows:

        • Rising Sophomores Tuesday June 4th (by end of day)
        • Rising Juniors Wednesday June 5th (by end of day)
        • Rising Seniors Thursday June 6th (by end of day)
        • Incoming Freshmen Friday June 7th (by end of day)

If you wish to make a change to your schedule, you will have to submit a schedule change request. If we are unable to make the change remotely, there will be office hours the week of June 10th.

Scheduling 2019-2020 instructions

Advisement Meetings with College Counselor:

  • Meetings for current 9th graders going into 10th: 1/22/19 through 1/30/19
  • Meetings for current 11th graders going into 12th: 1/31/19 through 2/14/19
  • Meetings for current 10th graders going into 11th: 2/19/18 through 2/28/18

Welcome to the scheduling platform. This site will give you access to all the information you need to help plan and schedule your classes for next year.

Our goal is to ensure that students maintain a healthy school/life balance AND build a schedule that provides intellectually stimulating opportunities! As part of this process, we have prepared an online worksheet to help you and your daughter make decisions about what classes she should take next year. The worksheet initially asks a series of questions about what other activities and interests your daughter has that have demands on her time that should be taken into account before overloading her schedule with homework intensive classes.

There is a section on this website for each grade level. Please go to the appropriate tab and use the tools made available for the scheduling process. You will find links:

  • to our graduation requirement worksheet
  • to the online worksheet you need to fill out
  • to our online course catalog that provides an overview about each class and the pre-requisites needed
  • to our required AP contract for any student wishing to take an AP class
  • to our form for requesting a waiver needed if student wishes to select a class for which she does not meet pre-reqs*

* a note about pre-reqs: if a student does NOT meet the pre-reqs for a class, she must make request the class for which she currently meets the pre-reqs. Before March 15, she can submit a pre-req waiver form and meet with teachers, discuss needs and opportunities to demonstrate interest, mastery, and ability to handle the workload for the course. At the end of the semester, she will have to get the waiver form signed by a teacher and/or the department chair. Approval will be given only if this form has been signed AND if grades for semester two support the decision.