School Profile

About Carolina Charter Academy

Carolina Charter Academy (CCA) began with a desire for expanding school choice in Wake, Johnston, and Harnett counties. This region is a fast-growing area, but there are very few options available to parents. The founders visited several charter schools throughout the state. After gleaning ideas from their visits and conducting extensive research, the founders wrote an application and submitted it to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The application was approved in 2017 and the school opened it's doors in 2019. CCA will provide southern Wake, Johnston and Harnett county residents with a school that embraces a sense of community while offering a challenging curriculum and preparing students to be informed and involved citizens.

Fast Facts

  • Opened Fall, 2019

  • Location: Route 55, next to Sunni Sky’s Ice Cream

  • Grades: Kindergarten through grade 7 (adding grade 8 in 2021)

  • Curriculum: Core Knowledge and Singapore Math

Why Carolina Charter Academy?

  • Character education will be incorporated throughout the week

  • We encourage parental and community involvement

  • We are a school led by experienced educators

  • Each student in grades 1 – 6 will have access to a computing device

  • We will use rigorous, research-based curricula

What are charter schools?

  • Tuition-free public schools of choice

  • Approved by the N.C. State Board of Education

  • Enrollment is open to families from any county in North Carolina

  • Financially and academically accountable to the state

What makes a charter school unique?

Each charter school is different because it is not governed by a school district. Instead, an independent, non-profit board oversees school finance, policy, and operations. Even schools using the same curriculum can be quite different from one another.

Contact Us

8529 Highway 55 S, Angier NC 27501

Phone: 984 – 300 – 3015
Fax: 984 – 300 – 1003