About the Couple

Nicole is one of the world's smallest non-dwarf humans. A walking paradox insofar as a Scout leader she is required to "Be Prepared" but never is. She thinks the wedding is on at 8am on 8th November as this is the only way to have her ready for 2.30pm on the 9th. Niall was wearing flared jeans when they first met so major kudos to her for looking past that and seeing the more refined culchie within. Middle class at heart.

Favourite quote: "Chat shit, Get banged"

Niall is a proud mother and 3 time MOBO Award winner. A human male, he told Nicole he liked her in the kitchen of Apartment 2B2, Roebuck Castle, UCD in January 2007. Here are things he hasn't done since:

  • Closed his wallet
  • Been on time
  • Been under 13 stone
  • Looked back

Ted isn't getting married today, much to his chagrin. He couldn't get the day off on account of him working as a full time bad bastard. He's a big fan of luxuriating, big black dogs and human skin.

You can keep abreast of his bastardry at www.instagram.com/insta_ted_irl