Curriculum Vitae

✦ A pensive moment at Crater Lake, OR. (photo: Steve Shirey)

Summary Bio – Steven B. Shirey

Professional Preparation

Carnegie Institution of Washington Postdoctoral Fellow, Isotope Geology 1984 - 1985

SUNY Stony Brook Ph.D., Geochemistry 1979 - 1984

University of Massachusetts M.Sc., Geology 1972 - 1975

Dartmouth College A.B., Geology 1968 - 1972


Staff Member Carnegie Institution of Washington 1985 - present

Consultant Geologist Gemological Institute of America 2011 - present

Adjunct Professor University Maryland College Park 1992-2001, 2009-2017

Postdoctoral Fellow Carnegie Institution of Washington 1984 - 1985

Research Assistant SUNY Stony Brook 1981 - 1984

Teaching Assistant SUNY Stony Brook 1979 - 1980

Research Staff Geologist Massachusetts Inst. of Technology 1977 - 1979

Research Mineralogist Mt. Sinai Hospital Environ. Sci. Lab 1975 - 1976

Exploration Geologist Noranda Exploration (summer) 1970 - 1974

Honors and Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award, Geoscience Department, University of Massachusetts (2017)

President, Mineralogical Society of America (2015)

Fellow, American Geophysical Union (2010)

Fellow, Geochemical Society (2010 )

President, Geological Society of Washington (1999)

Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America (1998)

Fellow, Geological Society of America (1997)

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors

Stearns A. Morse, University of Massachusetts (MSc advisor); Gilbert N. Hanson, SUNY Stony Brook (PhD advisor); Richard W. Carlson, Carnegie Institution of Washington (Postdoctoral advisor)

Thesis Advisees (21, with school of origin)

Meagan Ankney (Univ. Wisconsin), C. Tucker Barrie (University of Toronto), Grant Bybee (University of Witwatersrand), Jean Carignan (University of Montreal), Katie Donnelly (Lamont Doherty), Lynne Elkins (Smith College), Garret Hart (University of Wisconsin), Darrell Hyde (Memorial University), Kateryna Klochko (University of Maryland), Craig McClung (U of Witwatersrand), Andrew Menzies (Univeristy of Cape Town), Suzanne Nicholson (University of Minnesota), Wendy Nelson (Penn State University), Kisha Steele (Howard University), Violet Simelane (University of Witwatersrand), Karen Smit (University of Cape Town), Josh Smith (Indiana University), Valentina Taranovic (Indiana University), Kalle Westerlund (University of Cape Town), Bai-Qing Wu (Northern Illinois University), Karina Zavala (Johns Hopkins University).

Postdoctoral Scholars Sponsored (15, with present position)

Sonja Aulbach (University of Frankfurt), Andrey Bekker (University of Manitoba), Matt Jackson (Santa Barbara), Eloise Gaillou (Paris Museum of Mines), Marion Garcon (ETH), Petrus le Roux (University of Cape Town), Ambre Luguet (University of Bonn), Wendy Nelson (University of Houston), Dominic Papineau (UCL), Ivan Savov (University of Leeds) Mark Schmitz (Boise State University), Karen Smit (GIA), Eavn Smith (GIA), Liyan Tian (Sanya Institute), Jessica Warren (University of Delaware)

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