Asmaa Boujibar

Carnegie Post-doctoral Fellow



Carnegie Institution for Science

5251 Broad Branch Rd NW,

Washington, DC 20015


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I am currently a post-doctoral associate at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Geophysical Laboratory in Washington DC. My research aims at understanding how terrestrial planets form and differentiate. I use experimental techniques to reproduce the high pressures and temperatures involved during planetary accretion, and to investigate chemical reactions occurring between planetary materials.

The purpose of my research is to constrain chemical compositions of planetary cores, the evolution of the oxidation state of the Earth and other terrestrial planets, their internal structure, thermal history and dynamics. Also, by comparing chemical compositions of laboratory samples with those of meteorites and data from remote sensing, I contribute to understanding the evolution of the early inner Solar System, such as dynamical mixing of planetary embryos and volatile delivery.

Research Interests

  • Accretion and differentiation of Earth and terrestrial planets
  • Core segregation, partitioning of elements between metal, silicate and sulfide
  • Crystallization of magma ocean, partial melting of planetary mantles
  • Evolution of the oxidation state during planetary differentiation
  • Thermodynamic modelling of chemical equilibria
  • Collisional erosion of differentiated planetary bodies