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At B. Carmichael & Company Inc., we are committed to providing our clients with the best accounting strategies available in order to minimize taxes and maximize business and personal wealth. We are aware of all current and new tax laws and accounting strategies and work hard to communicate effective implementation with all our clients.

Take some time now to ask yourself the following questions, and if you're not sure what the answers are, be sure to call or e-mail us for a consultation.

  1. Should you incorporate your business?
  2. Are you drawing the greatest amount of funds possible from your business with no further taxation of those funds?
  3. Is there an on-going commitment by your professional advisor to have arrangements/plans in place ensuring that you and your family and your business pay the least amount of income tax legally allowable?
  4. Is your professional advisor available at all times to provide requested advice?
  5. Are you receiving a free monthly tax letter providing commentary on topics of interest and current changes to tax laws?
  6. Is there a plan in place for you and your family to maximize retirement funds and ensure disposition of your estate according to your wishes?
  7. Is there a plan in place for the transfer of your ownership of the business to family members?
  8. Are you aware that you could receive up to $500,000 tax-free on the sale of your shares in your incorporated business?
  9. Are your accounting records sufficiently comprehensive to provide timely and accurate information for:
    • Day to day owner operations
    • GST, PST, WCB reporting compliance
    • Banks
    • Investors

Knowing the answers to these questions can make a big difference to the ultimate success of your financial plan, and with B. Carmichael & Company Inc., you'll have the answers.

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