OER Initiative for ELA

Important Dates

Review Team Meeting Dates for 2018-19:

November 29

February 5

April 16

Calendar of OER for ELA Events and Deadlines

Did you know that you can add the OER calendar to your Google Calendar page? On the left sidebar of your calendar, find "Add a coworker's calendar" and type in "OER" to the search field. Choose "Oer for ELA" and it will be added to the left sidebar list. You can check and un-check as you wish to display it.

Due Dates 2018-19

Newly completed units are due to the Submission Form on the 15th of the month for initial approval by Coordinators for stipend eligibility in the next payroll cycle.

Units recommended for revision are due on the 16th of the month prior to a Review Team meeting.

For payroll purposes, to process stipends in a timely manner, deadlines for Coordinator initial approval and Reviewers OK of revisions are due by the 25th of every month.

Quick Links to Resources

OER Curation Process

Going forward on all new units, the following is required:

    1. In the “Anchor Text” and “Teaching Resources” area of template, (as well as in Sequencing Guide, when appropriate) include both:
      • Hyperlink to original internet source (“Link”)
      • Hyperlink to saved document (must be in an editable format, not PDF). (“Doc”) Recommend using Google Docs as that is the district’s common file format.

Use this form for taking notes with your team to plan out your workday and share it with your Coordinator and district staff at end of workday to report progress, questions, etc.

Annotated List of OER Providers/Platforms

CUSD ELA/ELD OER Curriculum Template
9th-12th ELA Anchor Standard Vertical Articulation with ELOs March 2017

9th-12th Essential Learning Outcomes

6th-8th ELA Anchor Standard Vertical Articulation with ELOs April 2017

6th-8th Essential Learning Outcomes

Update: September 26, 2018

A sub-committee met on September 26, 2018, to reflect on Year 1 and make changes as we begin Year 2. Here is a summary of the meeting notes.

OER Curriculum Development Team Selection

English/Language Arts 6-12

OER Roles, Job Descriptions, and Compensation

OER Applications are closed for 2018-19 SY

Supplemental ELA Materials Purchase Guidelines

Guidelines for Selecting Supplemental ELA Materials
OER Fund Books/Materials Purchases 2017-2020

Other Evaluation Tools

Teachers collaborating

CUSD English/Language Arts Department Meeting August 24, 2018

ELA Dept Meeting Aug 24 2018
Writing Practice Take-Aways