Scholarship Database and Searches

Websites search through thousands of scholarships and can be useful at helping you find the scholarships for which you are a perfect candidate. But BE CAREFUL, usually these sites are paid for through advertisements and sometimes the advertisements can be tricky and deceive people. One thing you should always remember is that you should never be asked for money or any financial information in order to apply for a scholarship or to receive one. All legitimate scholarships will be free to apply for, and the information about these scholarships will be readily available online.

Scholarship websites can be very helpful- just be careful and aware and it shouldn't be a problem.

Tips for successfully submitting a scholarship application:

  • Complete the application correctly
  • Have your name on every page
  • Include ALL required paperwork/forms
  • Copy everything before you submit it
  • Be sure to submit it before the deadline

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation:

Writing a scholarship or college letter of recommendation requires considerable effort. Don't just blurt out a request to a teacher or administrator you see walking down the hallway. Choose your letter of recommendation writers carefully, and plan out your timing and approach.

Requesting a letter of recommendation

E-Scholarships USA! is Carlisle High School's web-based scholarship source. The username and password are available in the Distance Learning Lab.

Local scholarships will be added as they are received and can be located on the site by typing "Carlisle" in the search bar. Paper copies of local scholarships will be available in the Distance Learning Lab.

This link is to the Carlisle HS Symbaloo Bookmark resource page. There are several categories and bookmarked sites for scholarships, testing, financial aid, and career information.

Additional Scholarship Searches, Links, and Resources