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The Carlisle Middle School Student Newspaper


By: Saskia E. & Wei Wei M.


Love drama? Read about an upcoming production at CPS.

Seussical Jr. The Great Success

By: Caroline B.


Learn how the cast and crew worked to make Seussical such an awesome production.

Pet of the Week: Cooper H.

By: Arianna Q.


Did you know that Mrs. Hay has a grand-doggy?!

By: Maya H.


Have you ever considered a chinchilla for a pet?

Learn about the outside life of Mr. Kilmartin

Pet of the Week: Rumble S.

By: Arianna Q.


Learn about all of the animals that are pets of editors and writers for The Bite with another pet published every week! Want to see your pet featured? See Mrs. Hay.

Book Review: The Hazel Wood

By: Saskia E.


Looking for a new book to read? Check out this review to see if The Hazel Wood is a good fit for you.

By: Iain D. and Natalie D.


More life hacks that might actually make your life harder! (Note: Sarcasm alert!)

Learn about all of the animals that are pets of editors and writers for The Bite with another pet published every week! Want to see your pet featured? See Mrs. Hay.

By: Wei Wei M. and Georgia B.


Samuel Bath Thomas invented one of America's favorite morning foods, but how? And why? And when? Read to find out.

By: Ariana M.


What do potato chips and Coca-Cola have in common? They were both invented accidentally. Read to find out more.

By: Georgia B.


Born in fiction, has Quidditch made its way into reality? Read to find out!

Are pugs not what they seem? Are they another animal in disguise? Read this article to see what Iain believes!

By: Arianna Q.


All different, but all adorable! This page will showcase different pets in the school and facts about them!

Life hacks that might actually make your life harder!

Book Review: Camp So-and-So

By: Saskia E.


Looking for a good book? Read what Saskia has to say about Camp So and So!

Spirit Days

By: Saskia E.


In this article Saskia shares her opinion on spirit days.

How to Paint a Book Edge

By: Georgia B.


In this helpful article, Georgia explains how to paint a book edge. This adds a much-needed flair to some of your favorite books!

Teacher Interview: Mrs. Pixley

By: Hayes S. and

Maya H.


This new interview reveals secrets, insights, and thoughts about Mrs. Pixley's new book, Ready To Fall!

Sibling Poll

By: Daniel S.


The Bite staff is doing some research for an upcoming article about sibling relationships. Respond to this 2-question survey, and your thoughts will be included.

Teacher Interview: Mrs. Thomforde

By: Natalie D

and Julia S


In this highly-anticipated interview, new teacher Mrs. Thomforde reveals secrets about her past in teaching!

DIY Holiday Punch!

By: Natalie D


This holiday drink gives all the guests a little “punch." It's easy to make and is delicious!

Logo Contest Winner!

We at the middle school student newspaper, The Bite, are excited to announce our new logo! We have been taking submissions that you have created and considered them to replace our previous logo. The Bite's logo winner is... Jayna D! With her amazing design of a globe with a bite in it! (Get it?) Jayna say the logo signifies, "The Earth."

Thanks to all who took the time to contribute to this competition, and congratulations to 7th Grade Student Jayna D!

Logo Contest!

Submissions due by 11-30-17

We at the middle school student newspaper, The Bite, are holding a contest to determine our new logo. We will be taking submissions that you create and considering them to replace the mosquito in the upper left corner. The Bite's logo winner will be announced by the end of November, so make sure to submit your designs! Submit your designs/artwork here.

Teacher Interview: Mrs. Spiegel

By: Maya H & Issy N


According to Mrs. Spiegel, "[Carlisle] is terrific!" Click above to read what else our new 8th grade math teacher has to say about CPS, her students, and herself.

Saskia describes this read as a "tale of tragedy and the paranormal." Click above to discover more about Bad Girls Don't Die.

DIY Leaf Bowl

By: Natalie D


Natalie demonstrates how to make a cool autumn craft in this tutorial. Click above to see how it's done.

Oreo Turkeys

By: Dylan K


Dylan shows you how to turn yummy Oreo cookies into the perfect Thanksgiving treat. Click above to learn more.

Today's Comic

By: Hayes S


Click above to see Hayes' spoof on trick-or-treaters.

Edible Marshmallow Play-Doh

By: Iain D


Is it a toy? Is it food? It's both! Click above and follow along as Iain explains how to make edible play-doh.

Teacher Interview: Ms. Murphy

By: Issy Neal


Are you interested in learning more about the 7th grade social studies teacher? Click above to learn why "Every day is an adventure" for Ms. Murphy.

Halloween History

By: Margaux A


Have you ever wondered how the tradition of trick-or-treating began? Click above to find out! Not only that, but also some fun facts about Halloween.

Click above to find a detailed account of why Ian would "give the Switch an 8 out of 10."

Before you put a new iPod Nano on your holiday wish list, click above to read Avani's tutorial on fixing one yourself.

By: Maya H


Click above to find out how the Carlisle cross country team is doing so far this year.

By: Natalie D


Do you like strawberries and Nutella, or is roast beef and provolone more to your liking? No matter which you prefer, Natalie has you covered with this recipe for crepes. Click above and give this yummy recipe a try.

Acorns are all over the ground these days, so why not use a few before the squirrels get them all? Click above and see how Dylan turns this ordinary seed into an adorable craft.

By: Hayes S


What do drama, controversy, and Taylor Swift have in common? Click above to find out.

By: Maya H and Hayes S


Has origami always fascinated you, but you find it frustrating to do? Fear not, for Maya and Hayes break it down in their origami squid tutorial. Click above to follow along.

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