Caritas College opened its doors to its first students in September 1967. The Department of Education had announced that they would provide funds to ensure free second level education for all young people in Ireland. The Daughters of Charity immediately took advantage of this opportunity and decided to open a new school in Ballyfermot.

The mission of the Daughters of Charity was to provide a high standard of education to the young girls of Ballyfermot, with the emphasis on helping each young person to reach their potential and achieve excellence in whatever area their gifts lie.

There have been many changes since 1967. The old school was replaced by a new one in 1995. We had our first lay principal in 2004 and the Daughters of Charity handed over responsibility for the school to the education trust CEIST in 2008. Since 1967 Caritas College has established itself as a leading school in Ballyfermot and has provided a pathway to College for our students. In 2017 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary.

Thousands of students and many teachers have passed through our doors over the past five decades.