ZB Locker Room Project

A fundraising effort to build a Carey football locker room facility.

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Any questions, comments, or want to place a donation please email Coach Mershman at Jemershman@careyevs.org

I am proud to announce that the Carey High School Football Program has joined forces with the Carey Youth Wrestling Program on the funding, design and construction of the Zach Brodman Memorial Complex . In recent years, the CYW program has had to find numerous locations to hold their practices. The CHS Football team has reached out to the CYW and offered to work side by side to give them a more permanent practice location. This partnership, I believe, is important for several reasons. One, it will give them a location to practice once the varsity football season has concluded in late November until June, hopefully after the state wrestling championships every year. Two, this also keeps the building in use all year-round, which I believe is better for the building. Three, this also expands the memory of Zach and the love he had for the two sports that he participated. I believe this is a great project to honor his memory by helping kids in the community, creating pride, honoring those before us, with us, and after us through Zach.

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Pictures of the Old and current Locker room

Look of the new locker room at C.D. Wentling Field

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Pictures of the inside of the Junior high Locker room and what we strive to be if not better