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Mathematics Department

Online Precalculus Review Courses

Math 11 Precalculus Review for Math 111

Math 21 Precalculus Review for Math 121

Self-paced Instructor-supported Online Review Courses to Prepare for Calculus Classes

May 20-August 20, 2019

(Start and finish anytime in this time period)

Who should sign up for these courses?

1. Students who placed into Math 108 or Math 110 but are required to start Calculus I for their major.

2. Students placed into Calculus I but would benefit from additional review of precalculus topics.

3. Students who will benefit from math review for other reasons.

Would you like to start in calculus class even though you didn't place into it?

Would you like to refresh your math skills to help you succeed in calculus?

Would you like to get on track for your major?

Take this CUA online summer class! You can work through it at your own pace with an instructor ready to answer your questions. The entire class is online, with videos, homework, and exams through Blackboard and the WebAssign homework platform. Even if you didn't place into calculus, you can take this course and refresh your algebra and precalculus skills. Once you pass it, you can take your calc class and stay on-track for your major.

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Meet the Instructors

Professors Shagnea and Himmelsbach explain a bit about the courses in this 1-1/2 minute video.


1. Students who took the placement test and placed into Math 108/Math 110 but would rather start in calculus.

If students take one of these courses and pass, they will be able to start calculus immediately.


Students will be on track for their majors and will be able to take classes in the standard sequence.

Students will need to take one fewer class (by not having to take Math 108 or Math 110).

Fewer summer classes to catch up. This is a much cheaper alternative.

2. Students placed into Calculus I but would benefit from additional review of precalculus topics. (ie., student placed into Math 111/Math 121).

ADVANTAGE: Students start calculus with better algebra and precalculus skills.

3. Students who have not had math in a long time, or learned math in another language.

ADVANTAGES: Students will refresh math skills and become familiar with math terminology in English.

Cost: $275

Credits: 0 college credits

Grading: Pass or no grade

Books: None. Cost includes WebAssign eBook.

How to Register: Through Cardinal Station (Opens in May) -- a more detailed explanation is on the "How to Register" tab above.

When: This is a self-paced course which can be started anytime after May 20 and must be completed by August 20. Registration begins in May and will go through the beginning of August.

Questions: Contact Prof. Anita Shagnea (, Prof. Joshua Himmelsbach ( or CUA Math Dept ( or 202-319-5221)

How does the online course work?

REGISTERING:See the "How to Register" tab at the top of this page

MODULES: This course has five modules, all on the Blackboard learning management system. Each module begins with an introductory video explaining the contents of the module, and follows with videos and homework sets for each topic. The program automatically grades each assignment and gives students instant feedback on their performance. Modules begin with a pre-test, so if students are already familiar with the material in the module, they can quickly move to the next module. Each module concludes with a test covering the material in the module. Once you pass all five module tests, you've passed the course!

INSTRUCTOR SUPPORT: There are different ways to get help from the instructor. You can send an email or use the "Ask the Instructor" discussion board. You can even just peruse the discussion board to see if someone else has already asked the question you need answered. There's also the option of setting up a Google Hangouts session with the instructor to talk about your questions.

DATES/LENGTH OF COURSE: The course runs from May 20 (but you can register through the beginning of August) through August 20. The course is self-paced, and you can start the course anytime, and work on it over several weeks, or complete it in one. If you have a job, you can fit it in around your schedule, or if you want to finish quickly, you can work around the clock - it's up to you! It just needs to be completed by August 20.