Tracking Sheet

Degree Progress Explained

Degree Progress Requirements

Degree Requirements refer to the required academic accomplishments necessary to graduate.

A student should understand all of their degree requirements and create a 4-year plan for completing them by graduation.

  1. Every CUA student is required to complete 120 credit-hours, typically this equals 40 courses of 3 credit-hours per course.
      • The "Tracking Sheet" (left) tells you the specific courses necessary for your major and monitors the courses that have been completed.
  2. Every Busch student is required to pass Comprehensive Exams.
      • In order to take Comprehensive Exams, a student must complete certain business courses. See here.
  3. Every Busch student is required to complete the SuperCurriculum sequence.
      • The SuperCurriculum courses appear on a student's transcript.
  4. Students may voluntarily complete a minor/certificate. Students must declare a minor/certificate with their academic school department. Business students may do so here.
    • Courses required for a minor can overlap with requirements on the tracking sheet. This student is minoring in Hispanic Studies (Spanish) and has taken these courses for the minor:
        • SPAN 203 (Also, counts for FREE ELECTIVES)
        • SPAN 204 (Also, counts for HUMANITIES)
        • SPAN 206 (Also, counts for HUMANITIES)
        • SPAN 327 (Also, counts for HUMANITIES)

Resources for Understanding and Finding your Tracking Sheet

Explanation of Tracking Sheet

  • Please always keep in mind that the Tracking Sheet does not list all Degree Requirements.
      • The Tracking Sheet Sheet only records the 120 credit-hours, or 40 courses, that must be completed by a student.
  • A student can satisfy the required courses on the Tracking Sheet through the following means:
    1. AP credits; IB credit; SAT Subject Tests
        • These scores should be sent to CUA through Admissions
    2. Transfer Credits (Courses completed at other universities)
        • Courses completed while studying abroad can also be transferred.
    3. Placement Tests
    4. Completing courses at CUA

For example, the student above has transferred courses on lines:

        • #30- LIT 101
        • #31- FREE 101
        • #35- POL 112
        • #36- MATH 114
        • #37- SPAN 203

Below are all the prerequisites for every course in the Busch School of Business.

Navigate the majors by selecting the tabs located at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

If you do not meet the prerequisites for the course, you can use the student request for permission form to possibly still enroll in the class

Tracking Sheets with Prerequisites.xlsx