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Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

The Busch School of Business provides Faculty Advisor to each student, supplemented by the office of Academic Services.

Business students have a Faculty Advisor whom they should contact each semester to discuss career and academic goals, course planning, and ways to find success.

Contact information for your Faculty Advisors and advisors in Academic Services can be found below.


The Center for Academic and Career Success is a University office that serves all first-year students.

Business students have an Undergraduate Advisor whom they should contact during freshman year for help with academic advising:

  • Shani Bennett
  • Kathryn Marshall
  • Daphne Mezier
  • Brigid O'Dowd

Staff and Advisors Contact Information

Academic Services

Faculty Advisors

Academic Services Advisor

Complicated academic questions can be referred to our professional staff.

Elizabeth Meng

Academic Services Specialist

Maloney 431

(202) 319-5234

Faculty Advisor

You can find your Faculty Advisor name listed in Cardinal Station. See below.

How to View your Advisors.pdf

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