I am a PhD student in the Experimental Mechanics and Computer Vision Lab @CatholicU, working under supervision of Dr. Zhaoyang Wang. My research interests include 3D imaging, computer vision, optics, machine learning and hardware design.

Selected Publications

3D facial digitization

Three-dimensional facial digitization using advanced digital image correlation

H. Nguyen, H. Kieu, Z. Wang, and H. N.D. Le 
Applied Optics, Vol. 57, Issue 9, pp. 2188--2196 (2018).
[PDF]|[Online version] 

3D shape, deformation and vibration measurements using infrared Kinect sensors and digital image correlation

H. Nguyen, Z. Wang, P. Jones and B. Zhao
Applied Optics, Vol. 56, Issue 32, pp. 9030-9037 (2017).
[PDF]|[Online version] 

Real-time, high-accuracy 3D imaging and shape measurement

H. Nguyen, D. Nguyen, Z. Wang, H. Kieu and M. Le
Applied Optics, Vol. 54, Issue 1, pp. A9--A17 (2015).
[PDF]|[Online version] 

Digital image correlation in experimental mechanics and image registration in computer vision: Similarities, differences and complements

Z. Wang, H. Kieu, H. Nguyen, and M. Le
Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Vol. 65, pp. 18-27 (2015).
[PDF]|[Online version] 

Audio extraction from silent high-speed video using an optical technique

Z. Wang, H. Nguyen, and J. Quisberth
Optical Engineering, Vol. 53, Issue 11, 110502 (2014).
[PDF]|[Online version]|[Press Release] 

Accurate 3D shape measurement of multiple separate objects with stereo vision

H. Kieu, T. Pan, Z. Wang, M. Le, H. Nguyen, and M. Vo
Measurement Science and Technology, Vol. 25, 035401 (2014).
[PDF]|[Online version]