Will Adcock faces physical challenges

Video by Jaimin Bhagat

By Jaimin Bhagat - November 29, 2017

During the football season, senior kicker Will Adcock injured his right leg’s quadricep by partially tearing it, and this caused Adcock to miss many games and opportunities.

“I was on a path for most field goals in a season and career in Shreve football history,” Adcock said. “I believe I would have broken the record for the longest field goal [50 yards].”

Adcock has gained many achievements and believes the injury is a set-back.

He has gotten 1st team all-district defender twice. He was an overall district MVP and was on an all-metro team last year. He was also 2nd team all-district in football last year. Adcock was selected for the Louisiana Football All-Star Game and plans to play in December.

He said he sees the injury as a learning experience.

“I am definitely more humbled now and realized how much sports mean to me,” Adcock said. “I realize now that you must take advantage of every opportunity you have and not to take what you have for granted.”

Ever since Adcock partially tore his quad, he has been in physical therapy for eight weeks.

“I have been going to physical therapy two times a week and stretching multiple times a day for the last two months,” Adcock said. “I plan on coming back faster and stronger than I was before.”

Tennis coach Christopher Long said he believes Will embodies what it means to be a Gator.

“He is a great person and great student and a great athlete,” Long said. “This is from a guy who goes straight from football to soccer to tennis during the school year. Will gives outstanding effort at everything he does and motivates those around him to do better in the classroom and the athletic arena.”

Defensive player Micah Latin, who tore his ACL, had strong praise for his teammate and hopes that Will can overcome the injury.

“He’s an all-around athlete,” Latin said. “I respect him as a man, and I treat him like my brother. I’ve been going to school with him since middle school, and I’ve enjoyed playing football with him. I wish him well.”

Adcock is currently playing soccer as a midfielder and plans to play tennis. He plans to attend LSU and major in pre-med. Right now he does not have major plans for participating in college athletics, but he does want to play on an intramural football team.

“Success is a direct product of hard work,” Adcock said. “The harder you work and better the work ethic, the more success one will produce.”