Superstitions and the unwritten rules of baseball

By Kelsey Harlow - April 16, 2018

One sport that is rich in tradition is baseball, and many of its most sacred rules and practices are passed down from player to player. The Shreve varsity team has shared some of their biggest superstitions and rules to live by.

“As a pitcher, I believe that if I step on the foul line while running onto the field, I won’t have a good game,” said Trenton Perot. “I’ve done it since I was thirteen.”

Reading about famous baseball players inspired Perot to adopt this rule. Another team player who’s all about superstitions is Anthony Stallcup.

“Before each pitch, I step out of the batter’s box and adjust my batting gloves,” Said Stallcup. “I also twirl my bat until the pitcher is about to throw.”

Stallcup, along with many other of his teammates, grew out their mustaches while they were on their winning streak and refused to shave until they lost. The boys finally gave up their winning streak against Haughton High School, but still have maintained their impressive record. The team is currently 28-3 (7-1 is their district record). One more win will make the baseball team the District Champions.

“Our only two losses we practiced base running right before the game and lost right after, so I’d say that’s a superstition for us not to do it.” said Stallcup.

Perot also says you’re never supposed to spit on the dirt, only the grass.

“It has to do with respecting the field,” said Perot.

Even uniforms can be “cursed” in the baseball world. Some players are incredibly meticulous about how they wear their uniforms.

“I can never wear the pants that are cinched at the bottom while I’m pitching, and I have to have my chain in my back, left pocket or else I’ll play bad,” said Travis Able.

Able also has to touch the plate every time he goes up to bat.

While these are only a few things, there are many more unwritten rules to the game:

  • Never stand on the dirt around home plate while the other team’s pitcher is warming up.
  • Never toss a ball to the umpire
  • Don’t throw balls in front of the dugout.
  • Never make the last out at 3rd base or home plate.

“It all ties into superstitions because if you aren’t respectful, then karma will make you lose,” said Perot.

Photo submitted by Anthony Stallcup